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The squeeze tumblers combine a classic, clear Danish design with Czech glass craftsmanship. This is how Anna von Lipa combines its Danish origins with the country – Czechia is famous for its glass craftsmanship – that gave the founder Jytte the idea to create Anna von Lipa in the 1990s. The mouth-blown squeeze tumblers are made of lead-free crystal glass. Due to the special manufacturing technique of the mould, each glass is unique. The organic shape of the glasses fits into any table setting and gives it a great modern look with its Danish design! Skål!

  • Size: volume 250 ml, H 9,5 cm, Ø 7 cm
  • Made by hand and with a lot of kærligheden and láska: The glasses are mouthblown in Prague.
  • Colour: pink, transparent
  • Material: crystal glass (lead-free)
The glasses are mouth-blown in Prague by experienced glassblowers in the traditional way. The squeeze glasses get their organic shape by squeezing the burning hot crystal with cloth. This makes each glass unique. The glasses are made of Czech, lead-free crystal glass. Due to the fact that they are made by hand, there may be some trapped air bubbles.
The glasses are dishwasher safe if washed at less than 60°C. However, we ask you to wash the handmade glasses by hand so that you can enjoy them for a long time. Anna von Lipa also recommends that you always dry the glasses by hand.
  • DE: 3-4 days
  • EU: 7 days


The label Anna by Lipa was founded in the 1990s by the Dane Jytte Correll. Inspired by a trip to the Czech Republic and the traditional glass craftsmanship there, she began designing glasses whose design combines her Danish origins with Czech craftsmanship. Especially the colourful confetti pattern, which is widespread in Denmark, shows this fusion. Anna by Lipa stands for high-quality glasses made of lead-free crystal glass, which are traditionally handmade in the Czech Republic by experienced glassblowers. The glass is coloured in a natural way. The bluish shades are coloured by adding cobalt oxide, the greenish and brownish colours are combined with iron, pink and red with gold chloride. The result is special, high-quality glass – each one unique.

Images: Anna von Lipa

Image: Anna von Lipa

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