I’m Lara, the founder of toujours à table. I am very happy about this new, exciting path we are taking with toujours à table. After studying fashion design and working in film for several years, I have now decided to focus on what makes me happiest: spending time with people close to my heart and giving them a wonderful, unforgettable time as a hostess, full of good food and a great atmosphere!

That’s how I came up with the idea of sharing this attitude to life with you and founding toujours à table: It stands for hospitality, warmth and plenty of savoir- vivre. The range is carefully curated by us. When selecting the products, we attach particular importance to craftsmanship. This has resulted in Europe- wide collaborations with manufacturers who produce great ceramics by hand and in small batches. Our own toujours à tablelinen collection is also made by hand. The motifs are designed and drawn by me and then screen-printed onto the fabric. As a fair production chain is important to us, the products are not only printed in Hamburg, but also sewn. All of this is complemented by special, antique individual pieces that make every table even more colourful, individual and beautiful!

The tablelinen collection is inspired by the time we spent together with my family in Brittany and our many T3 trips along the Breton coast. Once you have market-fresh oysters, artichokes and vino on the table, you immediately understand the savoir-vivre and never want to have it any other way! The scallops, oysters and much more in the collection are the result of this Breton attitude to life and our connection to the sea and coast and bring it directly to your home!

With our range, you can conjure up a wonderful table in no time at all that invites you to linger and brings all your favourite people together!

Alors, venez à table et bienvenue!