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Welcome to Bella Italia! The fantastic schizzato plates from Studio Sicily will immediately transport you to a beach bar on the Mediterranean, with un buon caffè and un delizioso cornetto in front of you and the gentle sound of the sea in the background! Thanks to the modern interpretation of the traditional Italian ceramic pattern, there is so much Italian heritage in the ceramic that it naturally invites you to get together with the whole family or all your loved ones and enjoy a good coffee, a cosy breakfast or delicious dolci. Of course, savoury snacks or your breakfast bread also taste wonderful from these plates, which are absolute favourites for every interior fan thanks to their beautiful splashes of colour. We wish you buon appetito!

  • Size: Ø 20 cm
  • Made by hand and with a lot of love: The schizzato ceramics from Studio Sicily are made by hand in small family businesses in Italy.
  • colour: cream white, coral pink
  • Material: earthenware
Studio Sicily ceramics are handmade with love and dedication by small family businesses in Italy. The traditional Italian schizzato pattern is applied by hand to each individual product. As a result, no two are exactly alike and each plate and bowl is unique.
It is important to Studio Sicily that the crockery can be used in everyday life – for every spontaneous portion of pasta and when the famiglia gets together at the table! That’s why the ceramic is dishwasher-safe! However, it is not suitable for the microwave or oven!
  • DE: 3-4 days
  • EU: 7 days


Studio Sicily was founded by Virginia Pinnisi in Stuttgart in 2020. The ceramics, which are handmade and painted in Italy, have the traditional schizzato pattern (Italian schizzare – to splash, spray sparks) known for southern Italy. By taking up this tradition, Virginia combines her Sicilian roots with a modern design and reinterprets the Italian ceramic classic. The result is great, robust ceramics in beautiful colours! The great plates and bowls immediately conjure up a summer holiday feeling of Bella Italia in our homes and whisk us away to a spaghettata with family, friends and, above all, a big bowl of fragrant pasta! Buon appetito!

Images: Studio Sicily

Image: Studio Sicily

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