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For this collection of plates, Spanish designer Elena Ferrer Gonzalez, founder of the Actos Store, was inspired by the force that drives her the most: love. In this case, of love full of magic and infinity! The colourful design, which is hand-painted in Spain on the plates made of white clay, is in line with her motto “everything can be mixed!” And that is what we at toujours à table do immediately, of course, and with great enthusiasm! We love the colourful plates at cosy brunch mornings on tables whose mixes of patterns and colours make our hearts a little more colourful!

  • Size: Ø 22 cm
  • Made by hand and with a lot of amor: The plates are made and painted by hand in Spain
  • Colour: cream, pink, red, green
  • Material: white clay, glossy glazed
The plates from the Actos Store are made from Spanish white clay, lead-free glazes and natural pigments. They are handmade in small batches in Spain and then painted by hand. As a result, each piece is unique in its design and colour and may vary slightly from one plate to the next.
Actos Store ceramics are dishwasher and microwave safe. However, dishwashers and microwaves expose the ceramic to extremely high temperatures, which can lead to wrinkling and loss of lustre over time. We therefore recommend that you only wash the hand-painted ceramic by hand so that you can enjoy it for a long time. It is not suitable for the oven.
  • DE: 3-4 days
  • EU: 7 days


The Actos Store label was founded in Barcelona in 2022 by designer Elena Ferrer Gonzalez. Her ceramics are 100% artisanal, handmade and hand painted one by one in Spain, resulting in a unique product of unequalled quality. For her, the home, as the centre of our daily lives and meeting place for family and friends to get together, is the very personal place where we can express our personality and taste. Elena’s ceramic collection is full of colour and patterns. She says, “Everything can be mixed and there are no rules how!” The result of these great patterns and colour mixes gives every room and every table a very personal, happy and warm character!

Images: Actos Store

Image: Actos Store

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