candles HAND-DIPPED CANDLES Set of four, 20 cm, antique blue



Set of four, 20 cm, antique blue


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The candles from the Danish family business Kunstindustrien are dipped and coloured by hand. By carefully dipping them into a wax bath made of high-quality paraffin, the candle is created layer by layer. The result are high quality candles in beautiful, bright colours that burn extra long and clean for your guests and you. Depending on the occasion, they add cheerfulness, elegance and always a great deal of cosiness to any table, for brunch, lunch or dinner!

  • Size: H 20 cm, Ø 2,2 cm
  • Made by hand and with a lot of Kærligheden: The Kunstindustrien candles are coloured-through and are hand-dipped.
  • Colour: dark blue
  • Material: high-quality paraffin
  • Burning time: circa 10 hours
The coloured-through candles are dipped by hand in Sønderborg, Denmark by the family business Kunstindustrien. They are carefully hand-finished throughout the process. The frame from which the candles are dipped is threaded, then after a certain number of dips it is measured whether the candles have reached the right thickness for the respective candle size. Finally, the lower part of the wick is removed from the candles and the bottom of the candle is levelled.
For optimal burning and burn time, art industries recommend cutting the wick back to 1cm and not exposing the candle to draughts while burning.
  • DE: 3-4 days
  • EU: 7 days


The Danish family business Kunstindustrien goes back to a long history of craftsmanship. As early as the 1950s, the candles were poured by hand. The founders Ib and Jette decided in 1993 in Copenhagen to give this craft, which Ib had learned from his father-in-law, a new home with the brand Kunstindustrien. Since then, Kunstindustrien has stood for candles made from high-quality and sustainable materials. The company places special demands on candle production: in addition to high quality, special emphasis is placed on sustainability and good craftsmanship. The purest and most stable vegetable stearins and paraffins that can be found on the market are used. The solid-coloured candles are dipped into the coloured wax layer by layer until the desired thickness is reached. The result is high-quality candles in beautiful colours with a long burning time.

Images: Kunstindustrien

Image: Kunstindustrien

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